Well-Being Team

Welcome to my Well-Being Team! During my career as a Professional Ballet Dancer and as an Adult Ballet Teacher, I have worked with many different people to ensure my body and mind stayed in great physical health to deal with the demands on the mind and body of being a dancer.

My work has brought me into contact with many specialists who now form a part of my own support network of ‘go-to’ professionals who I see personally or who come to my classes and really understand the needs of a dancer physically and mentally.

I would love to share this amazing Well-Being Team with you! So if you have a niggling injury or want to improve your health in some way contact a member of my Well-Being Team:


Emma Bailey – Rush, Bailey and Associates


Emma Bailey is a registered Osteopath working in private practice in St Albans. Her work is her vocation and for over 30 years she has enjoyed helping many patients through the hands on and holistic approach of Osteopathy.

Osteopathy deals with problems affecting the mechanics of the body, assessing the health of the musculoskeletal systems and the stresses and strains affecting it, together with the impact of posture, work, lifestyle and general health.

For this reason, finding the most effective way a patient can maintain improved body function during and following successful treatment, is paramount to their care.

Well-Being Team - Emma Bailey

I have found Sarah’s approach when working with her students both knowledgeable and professional. From my own experience in her classes, the structure and planning of her classes contributes enormously to improving flexibility, strength and stamina. I have every confidence and belief that a ballet based exercise class such as provided by Sarah can be extremely beneficial to your overall health and well-being.

Lucy Georgiou


Lucy graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a Masters Degree in Osteopathy, a Diploma in Naturopathy and Diploma in Osteopathy where she previously became a Tutor. Growing up Lucy had a keen interest in a wide range of sport, mainly Gymnastics and Ballet and it was this that gave Lucy her first interest in to how the human body worked, from there it led her into the profession of Osteopathy.

Prior to Osteopathy, Lucy spent years as a Gymnastics Coach and Massage therapist, which sparked her interest in the body’s Biomechanics. Drawing from her own personal experience in Sport it allowed her to understand the importance of getting the body to function to optimally achieve a goal.

Lucy has extensive clinical experience treating everyday and Posture related injuries, Sports Injuries, Pre and Post Natal Osteopathy and Paediatric Osteopathy where she is currently completing a Diploma for general interest.

The approach to treatment that Lucy takes is to look and understand the body as a whole to be able diagnose and find resolution. Her approach combines a variety of Structural based Osteopathic treatment, Cranial Osteopathy; Medical based Acupuncture/Dry Needling and kinesio taping.

Lucy regularly attends Sarah’s ballet classes, they allow her to pursue a personal passion for the sport while keeping her disciplined and physically strong and has given her a personal insight into the classes enabling her to recommend them to her patients wanting to reignite their passion for Ballet.

Lucy practices from her clinic in Brookmans Park.

Brian Hart – Hart Osteopathy


After training to become a Pilates Teacher in 2001 with Body Control Pilates, Brian’s fascination with the human body and it’s subsequent breakdown grew and so did his thirst for knowledge. This drove him on to study Osteopathy and one of its main principles of a strong mind/body connection are at the core of his treatment philosophy. With a calm mind and a positive attitude, restoration of balance to the body can be achieved thus enabling us to move again.

Hart Osteopathy is part of The Pilates Workshop in St. Albans and offers Osteopathic treatment in a calm and modern environment. Movement is a key part of maintaining health – but due to modern day lifestyles we are far too sedentary or repetitive in our daily routines.

Well-Being Team - Brian Hart

At Hart Osteopathy we encourage movement of the body via a host of safe treatment techniques including:

  • Osteopathic treatment
  • Medical acupuncture
  • Prescription Orthotics
  • Specialised exercise plans

The focus of Hart Osteopathy is to empower the patient and provide not only treatment, but also guidance and advice on such elements as lifestyle changes, nutrition and exercise. With a fully equipped Pilates Studio on site, we pride ourselves on providing all your rehabilitation needs – all under-one-roof.


Alison Kirby – Wheathampstead Physiotherapy


Alison Kirby is a sole practitioner at Wheathampstead Physiotherapy. She trained at Guys Hospital, and set up a private practice in London’s Wimpole Street before establishing her current practice here in Hertfordshire. She takes GP, Consultant and Self-Referrals.

She is used to treating many and varied musculoskeletal conditions and injuries with many years of experience. When in London she treated many dancers from the various ballet companies and visiting dancers from abroad while they were performing as guest’s artists.

I only took up ballet myself as an adult when my daughter was having ballet lessons but I have learnt so much with Sarah at Ballet Revival. She is a wonderful and inspiring teacher who is willing to teach even those who have came to love dancing a little later in life!

Well-Being Team - Alison Kirby

Irit Endleman


Irit has developed her skills as an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist over the last 25 years. She runs a small intimate practice and sees local clients as well as those who were recommended and travel from afar; seeking an answer for a stubborn unresolved injury.

She is not only committed to relieving patients’ symptoms but in effect addressing the underlying causes of the injury. Her understanding of how the body moves and functions in space is based on her Master of Science level academic knowledge and the study of biomechanics and pathologies. This together with her personal experience of movement as a young dancer, and the injuries she sustained, gives her great insight to how the body works.

Well-Being Team - Lucy Georgiou

She has extended her advanced manual therapy techniques at a post graduate level and gained a qualification as a (classical) Pilates Instructor (mat and machines). She developed her own style of treatment that combines the skills she acquired together with acupuncture (dry needling) in her sessions.

She has a particular interest in hypermobility and the associated injuries. Forming a tailored programme, building up strength, endurance and teaching how to protect the joints is vital. All treatment programmes focus on treatment and prevention of further injuries. Maintenance programmes could be done at home or on a one-on-one Pilates session with me. Together with client’s active participation we form short- and long-term goals, treat their injuries then work on prevention and finally, help them keep a healthier-active exercising body.


Erica Lewis


Erica has over 17 years experience working as a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, both in the NHS and now privately. Erica completed her Masters Degree in Rehabilitation (Continence for Physiotherapists) in 2012 and has attended many postgraduate courses to further her knowledge.

Specialising in pelvic floor dysfunction, Erica works with women who have symptoms such as urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse, faecal urgency, perineal trauma and pain during sexual intercourse. She provides a functional, evidence-based and personalised approach to dealing with these issues and delivers her care with respect, dignity and compassion.

Well-Being Team - Erica Lewis

For more information, please visit www.hertfordshirewomenshealth.co.uk or email Erica at erica@hertfordshirewomenshealth.co.uk and she will be happy to answer any queries.


Paula Hart – The Pilates Workshop


Paula qualified with Body Control Pilates in 2001. Previously a Paramedic in London for 8 years, she developed back and neck problems, to the extent that they affected her sleep and daily activities. She decided to try Pilates, as all the other treatments had not helped. She was amazed how much it helped and this inspired her to train to teach Pilates to help people in the same way.

She has been teaching now for 20 years and loves being able to pass on her knowledge of Pilates to her clients and improve their quality of life too. She is trained to an Advanced level in Matwork and on the Reformer. She is also trained on the Cadillac, Chair and Barrel, small equipment.

Well-Being Team - Paula Hart

She has attended specialist courses in Pilates for pregnancy and Breast cancer.

She is a REPs Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor – Lower Back Pain and a Back Care Professional.

Her studio is based in St. Albans and offers the latest equipment in an environment designed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Contact her to chat about any of her classes or classes of other Pilates teachers that work at The Pilates Workshop.

Jazzi Craddock


Jazzi found Pilates at a very young age through vocational ballet and dance training. After graduating from Laine Theatre Arts with Diplomas in both Professional Dance and Dance Instruction she went on to enjoy a career as a dancer and aerialist in America.

After suffering a severe ankle injury she wanted to find an exercise program, which wasn’t going to put so much pressure on her body and this time fell in love with the benefits Pilates brought – not only to her body but also to a new way of life. Knowing that she had always wanted to ultimately become a teacher, she realised that Pilates was the one. Jazzi loves teaching people from all walks of life, aiming to get maximum potential out of every client. She is passionate about safe and effective movement and wants people to reconnect with the most important thing we have, our bodies.

Well-Being Team - Jazzi Craddock

She qualified with Body Control Pilates in 2014 and has gone on to qualify as a Fully Comprehensive and Master Matwork Teacher. She has also gained Level 3 awarded certification in Older Persons, Bone Health and Lower Back Pain. She is now part of the education team at Body Control HQ taking students and newly qualified teachers through their training and courses.


Kate Black – Bespoke Nutritional Therapy


As an ex-dancer and later a busy TV Producer/Director, Kate was on the classic “grab and go” diet, fuelling her body with whatever she could find, eating out and ‘drinking’ far too much. Little did she know that these choices played havoc with her own health. She was constantly exhausted and run down with colds, cold sores, bad skin, and weight gain. Having children was her wake up call. She became acutely aware of what they ate and made sure everything was clean, natural, organic and fresh. She discovered she could turn her health around with diet, lifestyle and specific supplements. She began to plan and shop efficiently, taught herself to cook nutrient dense food, exercised regularly and lost weight. She glowed, had infinite energy and felt the best ‘ME’ ever.

Well-Being Team - Kate Black

This newfound health spurred her into studying at the prestigious Institute for Optimal Nutrition (ION) and she is now passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge and experience to empower you to feel the best ‘YOU’ ever.

As the owner of Bespoke Nutritional Therapy she truly believes that the route to good health is through good nutrition. Food is our fuel. What we eat affects how we think, feel and perform. By making small changes, evidence-based nutrition can be used to support long-term mental and physical health. She runs a busy clinic for 1:1 Bespoke Consultations, a ‘Feel Great in Five Weeks’ online programme and a ‘Feel Great Forever’ membership and aims to inspire as many people as possible with presentations and workshops.


Rachael Posener – Halcyon Health


Rachael is an Intuitive Women’s Health Practitioner with over 20 years experience specialising in Menstrual, Fertility and Maternity treatments. Her sessions always include Reflexology and depending on what’s needed, emotional support, deep listening, visualisations and EFT (Tapping). She works from home in the south side of St. Albans Monday to Friday 9.30-3pm. Feel free to get in touch with any questions, she’s always happy to have a no strings chat!

Well-Being Team - Rachael Posener
Sarah Briscoe


  • Improved posture
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle tone
  • Coordination
  • Core stability
  • Confidence
  • Sociable classes