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Ballet Revival

Ballet Revival OnDemand

Join my Ballet Revival OnDemand Membership and take part in ballet classes in your own home!

The pre-recorded ballet barre classes are a selection of Mixed Level classes with adaptations provided throughout the class for those with more or less experience. There are a couple of Basic Ballet Barre classes to join in with should you wish to slow things right down with a more simplified class to really improve your technique and an Express Ballet Barre if you are short on time! I have also recorded a number of tutorials, which break down specific exercises to practice separately after one of your classes. Finally there is a “Core de Ballet” abs routine to really fire up those ballet abs and back and a couple of stretch sequences to do should you wish to have more of an intense stretch session after your chosen ballet class.

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Information for Exercising at Home

  • For our ballet barre classes you will need a chair, table-top, chest of drawers or a kitchen worktop to act as your barre. Please ensure these are secure and will not topple over should you lean or pull on them
  • Please angle yourselves accordingly to avoid hurting your knees when doing pliés etc.
  • Ideally you will be somewhere that is uncarpeted, but don’t worry if you have to be on carpet, you can still take part in the class
  • For our floor based stretching sessions please use an exercise mat or a towel placed on carpet
  • Please make sure you have plenty of clear space around you, so that you can do developpes and grand battements to the front, side and back and also enough space overhead to take your arms up and out
  • Wear you usual ballet practice clothes and ballet shoes or socks
  • Have plenty of water to hand
  • Please be mindful of any children or pets wandering around, particularly when throwing your legs about!


Tips to Get the Best Out of Class

  • Find somewhere quite where you are not likely to be interrupted or distracted
  • You may need to prop your device in order to see me clearly to follow along
  • Try to add in a stretch sequence at the end of each class, whether this is the standing stretch sequence video or the longer floor based session
  • Try to make sure you have a really good WIFI connection to avoid disconnection during class
  • Turn your Screen Saver off or set to over one hour so I don’t disappear halfway through class!


Purchase and Access of Videos

  • To access the pre-recorded videos, please purchase a 30-day membership, for £25.00. From time of purchase you will have 30-days access to all videos on Ballet Revival OnDemand. You will then have a recurring membership to Ballet Revival OnDemand and your access to the pre-recorded videos will be renewed automatically every 30-days. Should you wish to stop your membership to Ballet Revival OnDemand, simply go to Your Account and update your billing information and cancel your membership.
  • For those joining studio classes, Ballet Revival OnDemand will also be available to you with a 50% discount (fee will be £12.50 instead of £25.00) for the duration of the block of classes. This will need to be renewed each time you purchase studio classes for each block.
  • Before purchase, you are required to read and tick the Disclaimer for taking part in pre-recorded Ballet Revival OnDemand ballet classes in the home.
  • Once you have completed the Disclaimer and purchased via this website, you will have access to all of the Ballet Revival OnDemand videos and you can do these classes as often as you like, whenever you want!
  • More videos will be uploaded and added over time, so be sure to try out more classes and tutorials! I hope you enjoy this new platform and continue to learn and progress through my Ballet Revival OnDemand classes.