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Happy Dancers

After about 3 years of no exercise it was time to get back into it. But the idea of signing up to the monotony of another gym contract held very little appeal. I needed to exercise, but ideally wanted to find a class which incorporated dancing, especially having done ballet and modern when very young.

Behold… one day I found Ballet Revival and have not looked back since. Having started in the beginner’s class in 2015, I have progressed to the intermediate. Sarah is a breath of fresh air and a truly inspiring and talented dancer, never without a smile, oozing loads of enthusiasm and support for all. I so look forward to my two hours a week when I can put on my ballet shoes, forget about the mad rush of everyday life, enter class and ………to quote ‘waft ladies waft’, ‘bring out your inner swan’, ‘you can do it, I know you can’.

So what are you waiting for? To quote Sarah again ‘Dance ladies, just dance’!

Maxine Taylor

Having decided, in my mid fifties, to go back to ballet classes after several decades away, I felt a bit nervous and wasn’t sure that I was up to it. Sarah, however, is a wonderfully welcoming and enthusiastic teacher and has always made me feel completely comfortable even in classes where some members are infinitely more competent than I.

What I find particularly impressive about Sarah’s teaching is that she gets to know her students, their ability level and their specific strengths and weaknesses and she encourages each individual, without pushing us too hard, to gain the most we can from the class. All this she does with a smile and a clear love of ballet.

I had to miss a class a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised by just how sad it made me feel – all credit to Sarah.

Nicky Craig-Webb

Having been an avid adult ballet fan many years ago I really missed the classes, the exercise, and the discipline but felt that at my age (and physique….) the chances of doing another ballet class were probably slim to non-existent! However, I decided to take the plunge and see if I could pick up where I left off.

What a good time we have all had! There are a variety of ages, sizes and abilities but as a result of Sarah’s careful, yet fun, teaching we have all been able to feel proud of our achievements. We are corrected but not humiliated; we are stretched but not left floundering; and we tackle new steps and exercises whilst still building on what we have already learnt. The abilities of all class members are recognised and appreciated, and as a group we support each other – all down to Sarah’s support, encouragement and skill. We may not yet have reached The Royal Ballet corps de ballet standard, but we have had productive, entertaining, and rewarding classes led by Sarah. What more can we ask for? If in doubt about joining the class stop wondering, and come and join us!

Caroline Large

I returned to Ballet Revival last year after personal reasons kept me away for nearly two years. The classes are a really motivating mix of seriousness – working hard at our ballet to improve and grow stronger; and enjoyment, through Sarah’s wicked sense of humour as well as the very clever structure of the classes that enable us all to do our best. I’ve not been to one of Sarah’s classes in which smiles and laughter have not been part of the experience. She welcomes us all, whatever our reasons for doing ballet, whatever our level or previous experience. So, one year on from returning, my posture, suppleness and core strength have improved out of all recognition. I am stronger both physically and mentally. That’s the bit that Sarah rarely draws attention to – how her classes and her personality support a really positive self-image. She is a brilliant teacher who not only encourages aspiration in all her students, but also always draws attention to our efforts and improvements. Come and join us. It will be hard work and fun, and you will enjoy every minute of it.

Elaine O’Connor
Happy Dancers


  • Improved posture
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle tone
  • Coordination
  • Core stability
  • Confidence
  • Sociable classes