Ballet Mixed Level

Block 1
Friday 10th January – Friday 3rd April 2020
11.45 - 12.45pm
12 Classes


These classes are for those who have some previous experience of ballet or who have progressed from my Improver Level class and will have different levels of exercises and enchaînments to suit those with less or more experience. They are a great way to improve on ballet technique, core strength and muscle tone.

Fully Booked

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Studio Location

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The Pilates Workshop
City House, Ronsons Way
St. Albans

Catch-Up Ballet Classes

If you are unable to attend your regular class due to holiday etc., you will have access to my Ballet On-Demand videos to complete at home as often as you like during the term block dates for your catch-up classes. Upon booking your regular ballet classes via my website, you will then receive an email from me to be able to access the Ballet On-Demand videos. Please contact for more information.

What to Wear

Please wear whatever you feel most comfortable and can easily move. Most of my regular dancers wear leggings and t-shirts. Ballet shoes are not required initially and socks or Pilates socks with grips on the bottom are fine. If you continue on a long-term basis, I recommend buying a pair of split sole canvas ballet shoes. Tutus and leg warmers are optional…!