Ballet Body Conditioning

Block 2
Friday 15th May – Friday 26th June 2020
2 Classes

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These classes are for everybody and no previous ballet experience is required. They are great all-round conditioning classes to improve core stability, posture, weight placement and alignment used in ballet in a floor-based class. Ballet Body Conditioning is a complete body workout!

  • 15th May 2020


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  • 26th June 2020


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Studio Location

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The Pilates Workshop
City House, Ronsons Way
St. Albans

Catch-Up Ballet Classes

If you are unable to attend your regular class due to holiday etc., you will have access to my Ballet On-Demand videos to complete at home as often as you like during the term block dates for your catch-up classes. Upon booking your regular ballet classes via my website, you will then receive an email from me to be able to access the Ballet On-Demand videos. Please contact for more information.

What to Wear

Please wear whatever you feel most comfortable and can easily move. Most of my regular dancers wear leggings and t-shirts. Ballet shoes are not required for Ballet Body Conditioning, bare feet or Pilates socks with grips on the bottom are fine. Please bring a towel, some layers to keep warm at the end of class and some water.