My Classes

Ballet Improver Level

These classes are for those who wish to refresh their technique and revive their love of ballet having taken classes as a child or adult. The classes focus on understanding the core principles of ballet, including basic ballet positions, terms and movements that will help you to improve your posture, co-ordination and strength.

Ballet Mixed Level

These classes are for those who have some previous experience of ballet or who have progressed from my improver level class, and will have different levels of exercises and enchaînments to suit those with less or more experience. They are a great way to improve on ballet technique, core strength and muscle tone.

Ballet Advanced Level

These classes are for those who have previous experience of ballet. They are more challenging and work at a faster pace and you will learn more advanced combinations of exercises, pirouettes, allegro and enchaînments. They are a great way to stimulate the mind and body and understand the physicality of ballet.

Ballet Body Conditioning

These classes are for everybody and no previous ballet experience is required. They are great all-round conditioning classes to improve core stability, posture, weight placement and alignment used in ballet in a floor-based class. Ballet Body Conditioning is a complete body workout!

DDMIX Dance Fitness

DDMIX stands for ‘Diverse Dance Mix’ and is a new and exciting dance fitness class created by ex-Ballerina and “Strictly Come Dancing” judge Dame Darcey Bussell and top choreographer Nathan Clarke. The classes include routines from different dance genres and eras. Getting fit and exercising has never been more enjoyable!

Private Classes

I also offer private coaching, pointe work and audition preparation classes if you have a specific goal in mind.

Workshops and Courses

Throughout the year there are intensive ballet weekend workshops and complete beginner courses available to enjoy the full ballet experience!

What to Wear

Please dress in whatever you feel most comfortable and can easily move. Most of my regular dancers wear leggings and loose fitting t-shirts. Ballet shoes are not required, just a pair of socks. Clean and dry trainers for DDMIX dance fitness classes. Tutus and leg warmers are optional…!!!